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​RKN 1200 Root attack reducer

​The root growth reducer is used to remove growths on the rhizome part of the raw trunk or cutting. It is usually integrated into a handling or sorting line, or it can be mounted at the entrance to the file mill.

The frame of the machine is welded from quality steel sheets and profiles. The machine is designed for the most demanding operation with an emphasis on durability and reliability.

The rotation of the trunks is ensured either hydraulically or mechanically. The machine can be equipped with conical trailing rollers.

The delivery includes an electrical switchboard and a control system.
The machine is approved by the state testing agency and complies with valid EU regulations.


​Length of reduced material

2,5 – 16m

Průměr redukční

260 mm

​Power output of the hydraulic unit

11 kW

​Maximum reduced diameter

1 150 mm

Maximum removal

150 mm

(according to design)

7 900 – 9 100 kg

Reducing length

1 010 mm

Reduction power

50 – 75 kW

​Documents for download

Scheme RKN 1200

​PDF document

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