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Weak mass sorting lines

​Weak mass sorting lines are used for efficient and accurate sorting of cut-outs intended for processing by cutting on weak mass lines (aggregate or disk technology).

The maximum diameter of such cutouts is around 30 cm.

The range of lengths of sorted cut-outs is usually 2 - 6 m, at the request of the customer, the line can be designed for any other length. The approximate capacity of the line, depending on the average input weight of the cutouts and the feed speed of the possibly installed debarker, is in the range of 20 - 100 thousand m3 of material per year in single-shift operation.

The lines are always configured according to the customer's requirements and can be equipped with a whole range of technological nodes (debarker, metal detector, etc.). The cuttings are stored from trucks or wagons onto a transverse chain storage conveyor. The stock is separated into individual trunks automatically by means of a stepped dispenser or by means of an elevator-dispenser system, followed by an evaluation of the quality of the cutout and its measurement with the help of an electronic measuring system (one or two-projection measuring frames, possibly 3-d measurement). The finished cutouts are punched into a predetermined box through a chain sorter. With the help of cameras and monitors, the operator only supervises the operation of the entire line and at the same time assesses the quality of individual cutouts.

Documents for download

Scheme of the sorting line

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​Video sorting line

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