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​PZP-500, PZP-700 and PZP-700U Shortening table saw

​The machine is intended for cross-cutting (slitting) planks, planks and prisms at sawmills.

It consists of a hydraulic aggregate and its own shortening saw with a control panel. The machine is a compact design with a box frame equipped with a top plate and side covers. The top plate is equipped with a replaceable grommet for the saw blade and a support for the cut material.

The lifting cover ensures that the saw blade is covered during cutting and also performs the function of holding the cut material on the saw plate. Its lift is controlled hydraulically. Inside the frame, a cutting unit consisting of an electric motor and a circular saw located directly on the motor shaft is attached to the lever mechanism. The advance of the cutting unit into the cut is controlled hydraulically.

The saw is controlled with two hands, which ensures the safety of the operator and excludes the possibility of hands being within reach of the saw blade.

The side covers of the saw blade are equipped with limit switches that block the start of the machine when the covers are opened.

The machine is approved by the State Testing Office and fully complies with valid EU regulations.


​Maximum thickness

PZP-500 100 mm

PZP-700 150 mm

PZP-700U 150 mm

The diameter of the saw blade

PZP-500 500 mm

PZP-700 550 mm

PZP-700U 500 mm

​Maximum cutting width at a thickness of 50 mm

PZP-500 750mm

PZP-700 750 mm

PZP-700U 750 mm

Saw power

PZP-500 4 kW

PZP-700 4 kW

PZP-700U 4 kW


PZP-500 400 kg

PZP-700 450 kg

PZP-700U 430 kg

​Power output of the hydraulic unit

PZP-500 1,1 kW

PZP-700 1,1 kW

PZP-700U 1,1 kW

Documents for download

​PZP 500 scheme

PDF Document

Execution scheme

PDF Document

Scheme PZP 700

PDF Document

Scheme of PZP 700U

PDF Document

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