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The MULTI-PAK line

​The MULTI-PAK line is mainly intended for processing dried lumber packets. Through the line, the drying spacers will be removed, the lumber will be precisely cut along the length, any non-standard pieces of lumber will be sorted out, and they will be put back into shipping packets.

Own lines are always configured according to customer requirements and can be equipped with a whole range of technological nodes.

Packets of dried, unplastered lumber are brought via a front carriage to a cross chain storage conveyor, which ends with a folding table for separating individual layers of lumber. Individual pieces of lumber pass through a trimmer where they are trimmed to the exact length required. This is followed by discarding non-standard pieces and manually or mechanically storing the lumber in packets. The finished packets are taken to the intermediate lumber storage via front trucks

​Documents for download

​Scheme of the MULTI-PAK line

​PDF document

​Video lines MULTI-PAK

Video AVI

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