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​Processing weak matter

​Lines for the processing of weak material are used to process cutouts with a maximum diameter of 30 cm and a length of 2 - 6 m.

Our company offers two technologically and powerfully different ways to efficiently process weak matter:
- Lines with a prismatic saw - Aggregate technology - lines with a prismatic aggregate
Both methods differ mainly in the annual volume of cutting - performance. While lines with a prismatic saw are intended for smaller enterprises with an annual turnover of around 10-15 thousand m3 of cut material, aggregate lines with an annual turnover of 30-40 thousand m3 are intended for medium-sized and larger enterprises.

Own lines are always configured according to customer requirements and can be equipped with a whole range of technological nodes. The cutouts are loaded onto a transverse chain stock conveyor with the help of a front loader. The stock is separated into individual sections automatically. The cutout then passes through the main machine – a prism saw or a prism unit – where it is processed into a prism. The finished prism is then spread with a circular spreader saw on the required lumber.

Any side lumber is trimmed and plastered.

Scraps and other lumpy waste is processed into wood chips, which can then be sorted for paper processing.

The sawdust is vacuumed or mechanically removed by a system of vibrating, belt or elevating conveyors.

​Documents for download

​Scheme of the weak matter line with a prismatic saw

​PDF document

​Scheme of the weak matter line with the prism unit

​PDF document

​Video lines of weak matter with a prismatic aggregate

Video AVI

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