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Chip sorters of the TS series

Higher quality and finer paper requires ever finer raw material. For this reason, the paper and pulp industry constantly places more emphasis on the cleanliness of the chips. Low-quality or poorly sorted chips are often not collected at all or are collected at a much lower price, which often does not even cover transport costs. The sorter from the company Dřevostroj, a.s. sorts your wood chips exactly according to the requirements of your customers. The result of sorting is then the high quality of the individual required fractions.

For sawmill operations that require high work output, robust construction, reliability and low operating costs, the sorter produced by Dřevostroj, a.s. is the right solution. The machine stand and the sorting box are welded from high-quality steel sheets and profiles. The sorting box itself is most often fitted with a pair of easily replaceable sorting sieves with round holes of 40 mm (upper sieve) and 7 mm (lower sieve).

At the customer's request, the machine can be equipped with a different number of screens with any hole diameter. The machine is driven by an electric motor via V-belts. All moving parts of the drive mechanism are consistently covered. The entire sorter can be supplemented with a transport route for the supply of material and subsequent routes for the removal of individual sorted fractions.

The machine is approved by the State Testing Office and fully complies with valid EU regulations.


​Performance in average per hour

TS-040 40 prm

TS-065 65 prm

TS-120 120 prm


TS-180 180 prm

Note 1 spatial meter of wood chips (prm) = 0.366 m3

Documents for download

​Scheme TS-040

​PDF document

Scheme TS-180

PDF Document

Scheme TS-065

PDF Document

Scheme TS-120

PDF Document

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