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​ZPK 1000/1200 and ZPK 1900 Shortening circular saw

The ZPK shortening saw is a reliable machine with a robust design intended for integration into a handling line for processing/timber material and shortening it to the required assortment. It is mounted directly into the transport system of the line and, in conjunction with a measuring conveyor and a suitable control system, enables high performance to be achieved.

The frame of the machine consists of a rigid weld made of steel profiles and sheets, manufactured as a standard in the left version - the machine is placed on a separate base on the left side of the transport system. At the customer's request, the machine can also be produced in a mirror version. The saw blade with a diameter of 1000/1200/1900 mm is clamped on a spindle stored in special ball bearings. The entire complete spindle is replaceably mounted on a rocking arm, the rocking axis of which coincides with the axis of the saw blade drive motor.

The transmission of power from the engine to the saw blade is realized by means of a flexible clutch and a multiple V-belt. Movement into the cut and back is ensured by a linear hydraulic motor of the most modern design controlled by a proportional valve with the possibility of speed regulation. In the initial position, the saw blade is completely inserted in the steel cover, from which only the active part of the blade comes out during cutting. Two pairs of upper-hung clamping arms located in front and behind the saw blade are used to clamp the sawn log. These arms are controlled by linear hydraulic electric motors controlled by electrovalves. The pressure oil supplies of the individual hydraulic elements are brought to one place for connection to the common hydraulic system of the line or to a separate hydraulic unit.

The machine is equipped with a distributed saw blade as standard, at the customer's request, the saw can be fitted with a special saw blade with replaceable carbide teeth and a special grinding adapter.

The replacement of the saw blade is carried out in the initial position after opening the side part of the cover, the opening of which is blocked if the saw blade is in motion. The machine is controlled from the control cabin of the entire technological unit and can be in automatic mode controlled by a computer or individually by manual controls. Waste up to a length of 350 mm and sawdust are transported from the area under the shortening saw to the outside by an ejector conveyor.

The machine is approved by the State Testing Office and fully complies with valid EU regulations.


​Maximum diameter of 
shortened logs

ZPK 1000 350mm

ZPK 1200 450 mm

ZPK 1900 700 mm

​Maximum diameter
shortened logs

ZPK 1000 30 kW

ZPK 1200 40 kW

ZPK 1900 55 kW

​Minimum diameter
shortened logs

ZPK 1000 50mm

ZPK 1200 50 mm

ZPK 1900 80 mm

​Maximum diameter
shortened logs

ZPK 1000 1 850 kg

ZPK 1200 1 890 kg

ZPK 1900 2950 kg

The diameter of the saw blade

ZPK 1000 1 000 mm

ZPK 1200 1 200 mm

ZPK 1900 1 900 mm

Documents for download

Scheme ZPK 1000/1200

PDF Document

Scheme of ZPK 1900

PDF Document

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