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​UHP 250/700 Universal miter saw

The universal prismatic saw UHP 250/700 is a machine intended for the production of prisms. When the material passes through the machine, the landscape + a maximum of one piece of side board is cut off from each side of the cutout.

The saw is designed for small and medium-sized operations with a sawing capacity of around 20,000 m3 per year. The machine can high-quality process weaker logs with a maximum diameter of 25 cm (diameter of the circumscribed circle including curvature) in a length from 2.0 to 5.0 m. The modular concept of the machine makes it possible to offer the customer several variants of drive motors, different input and output devices and different equipment saw blades.

The robust stand of the machine is welded from steel sheets and profiles. On the input side, the machine is equipped with a hydraulically controlled holding mechanism. Together with the opening wedges at the output of the machine, it ensures very good guidance of the cut material even at a higher feed speed.

The saw blades are mounted on the hinge hub, which is mounted directly on the electric motor shaft. The distance between the individual discs in the suspension is defined by precise spacer rings. The height adjustment of the working spindles is solved by shifting the entire spindle in the prismatic guide of the base frame. This shift is controlled by an electric motor.

The machine is equipped with two rows of material throwback catchers on the input side. Control of these interceptors is handled by hand levers. All moving parts of the machine are consistently covered, opening the covers and catchers blocks the start of the machine. The covers are equipped with an anti-noise coating. The upper opening in the machine housing, complete with a diverting valve, is intended for exhausting waste.
A clear control panel and an electrical switchboard are part of the delivery.

The machine is approved by the State Testing Office and fully complies with valid EU regulations.


​Maximum cutout diameter (circumscribed circle including curvatures)

250 mm

Minimum length

2,0 m

Saw diameter

650 nebo 700 mm

Main power consumption
engines alternatively

2 x 37 kW

Maximální šířka
vyráběné prizmy


80 mm

Maximum throughput

400 mm

Feed rate

5 - 45 m/min

Motor power

3,0 kW

Maximum length

5,0 m

Entrance height

800 mm

Main power consumption

2 x 30 kW

Power input of the erector

0,37 kW

​Blanking saw UHPD 300/500

​More information can be found here.

The UHPD 300/500 prismatic saw is a machine intended for processing cut-outs with a maximum diameter of 30 cm (diameter of the circumscribed circle including curvature) in length from 2.0 to 6.0 m. The saw can be equipped with a saw hinge for the production of one or two pieces of central prisms and up to two pieces of side boards from each side. The sawmill is intended for medium-sized sawmill operations with its cutting capacity of around 30,000 m3 per year.

​Documents for download

​UHP 250/700 scheme

​PDF document

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