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​A saw with a band saw

​A log saw with a log band saw is used to process debarked and unbarked cutouts with a maximum diameter of 110 cm and a length of usually 2-6 m, but the technology can also be adapted to cut cutouts from 1 m to 12 m long. Depending on the technology used, the input depending on the raw material and the composition of the produced lumber, the annual shift output of a sawmill with a log band saw is in the range of 10 – 30 thousand m3 of cut material.

Own lines are always configured according to customer requirements and can be equipped with a whole range of technological nodes. The cutouts are loaded onto a transverse chain storage conveyor with the help of a front loader. In simpler cases, the cut-outs are dispensed from it directly onto the clamping carriage of the band saw.

For more powerful technologies, the transverse storage conveyor is followed by an elevator, a dispenser and a longitudinal chain conveyor. In this case, the separation of the stock into individual cutouts and the subsequent transport of the cutout to the bandsaw takes place completely automatically. The cutout is then dosed onto a clamping carriage and gradually cut into lumber or semi-finished products, which are further processed at the following technological nodes. The resulting prisms can be swept on a disc sweeping saw, the side lumber is cut and plastered, the offcuts and other lumpy waste is processed into wood chips, which can further be sorted for paper processing.

The sawdust is vacuumed or mechanically removed by a system of vibrating, belt or elevating conveyors.

Documents for download

​Scheme 1 of a file with a band saw

PDF Document

​Video file 2 with a band saw

Video AVI

​Scheme 2 of a file with a band saw

PDF Document

​Video file 1 with a band saw

Video AVI

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