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​Manipulation lines of strong matter

​Manipulation lines of thick material are used to handle thick raw logs and logs.

Logs with a diameter of up to 70 cm are usually processed on lines with disc shortening saws, lines intended for processing logs with a diameter of more than 70 cm are equipped with chain shortening saws. Due to the limited transport options, the maximum length is around 16 - 18 m. Depending on the average input mass and the produced range of cut-outs, the line's approximate output is in the range of 40 - 80 thousand m3 of material per year in single-shift operation.

The lines are always configured according to the customer's requirements and can be equipped with a whole range of technological nodes (debarker, root attack reducer, metal detector, etc.)

Raw logs are deposited from the hauling rigs onto a cross chain storage conveyor. The separation of the stock into individual trunks takes place through the elevator-dispenser system unattended, only under the supervision of the operator. This is followed by an electronic measurement (two-projectile, possibly 3-d measurement) and a trimming node. The made cutout can then be checked for the presence of metals, debarked or reduced. The finished cutouts are punched into a predetermined box through chain sorters. Waste from the cut-off saw area and from the storage dump area is removed via dump conveyors into boxes or containers.

​Documents for download

Scheme of the handling line

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​Video handling lines

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