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Lumber adjustment station

​Recently, there has been increasing pressure on the part of lumber buyers to produce qualitatively sorted, precisely cut lumber, and to store lumber in drying or shipping packages. In this area, Dřevostroj Čkyně, in cooperation with its long-term partner, the Austrian company SPRINGER, can offer its customers a truly comprehensive solution that is based on the long-term experience and know-how of both companies.

A properly designed and implemented adjustment station will enable you to basically meet most of the requirements for the quality and level of output lumber, i.e. in particular the dimensional and quality classification of individual groups of lumber, trimming of defects, cutting to precise lengths, possible impregnation, storage of lumber in drying or shipping packages and either with automatic or manual laying of inserts, pressing, strapping, possible foiling of packets, marking, etc.

Generally speaking, the following basic parts can practically be found at adjustment stations:

- part of the connection to the exits from the sawmill operation - a system of transverse or arched conveyors
- stock section
- separation section
- evaluation section
- measuring section
- cutting section
- sorting section
- dipping and impregnation section
- section storage - packetization
- output section – pressing, strapping, foiling, etc.

​Documents for download

​Scheme of the lumber adjustment station line

​PDF document

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