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​SA 10 and SA 25 Sawmill waste mower

​The machine is intended for chopping wood waste from sawmills and wood processing operations (landscapes, cuttings, piece waste, etc.) into high-quality chips.

The produced wood chips can be further processed in the paper industry, in the production of chipboard or MDF boards, it can be used as fuel, etc. The quality of this wood chips depends on many factors, especially the condition of the tools, the quality of the machine adjustment and the quality and type of the processed material.

The robust design of the machine allows the machine to be used in permanent operation, where it can work without the permanent presence of an operator only under occasional supervision.

The robust and rigid frame of the machine is welded from high-quality steel sheets and profiles.

Inside the frame, the rotor - mowing drum is housed in high-quality, high-load rolling bearings. The rotor is driven by the main electric motor via V-belts.

A pair of upper feed rollers is located in a swing box which is lifted by the incoming raw material. Its backward movement is dampened by means of a hydraulic device.

A pair of lower feed rollers is located firmly in the machine frame.

The feed rollers are stored in high-quality rolling bearings, the drive of the upper and lower rollers is provided by transmission electric motors.

The upper half of the cutting drum is secured by a steel cover, which is equipped with an end sensor against starting the machine in the open position.

A fixed counter-knife is fixed between the lower feed roller and the chopper drum. The raw material is separated by the rotating knives against this fixed counter-knife and dragged under the chopping drum. Chips of the required size fall through a sorting sieve fixed under the knife drum in the machine frame. Longer chips that have penetrated the chopping device, but do not fall through the sorting sieve, are further chopped by the knife drum.

Finished chips, which have fallen through the sorting sieve, are removed from the area under the mower by systems of belt or pile conveyors.

The input side of the mower is equipped with a vibrating conveyor that transports the raw material to the feed rollers. The input vibrating conveyor can be equipped with a metal detector, which, when metal is detected, gives a signal to stop the entire feeding route.

In the event of an overload of the electric motor of the chopping drum, the supply of material is automatically stopped by switching off the electric motors of the feed rollers. After processing the fed material, the feed rollers are switched on again. turns on automatically. In this way, the mower is protected against overload.

The delivery includes an electrical switchboard, which can be equipped with elements for switching and controlling the electric motors of the infeed and outfeed conveyor lines upon request.


The size of the inlet opening

SA 10 500 x 180 mm

SA 25 750 x 180 mm

Chip size

SA 10 20 – 35 mm

SA 25 20 – 35 mm

Power consumption of sliding motors

SA 10 2 x 2,2 kW

SA 25 2 x 2,2 kW

Rotor speed

​SA 10,700 rpm

SA 25,850 rpm

Power (input)

​SA 10 approx. 10 spatial meters/hr

SA 25 approx. 25 spatial meters/hr

Number of knives

SA 10 2 pcs

SA 25 3 pcs

Power of the main electric motor

SA 10 55 / 75 kW

SA 25 75 / 90 kW

​Documents for download

​Scheme SA 10

PDF Document

​Scheme SA 25

​PDF document

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