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Automatic edging system AOP

The AOP automatic plastering system is designed for automatic longitudinal plastering of side sawn timber with emphasis on high performance and yield and minimizing operating personnel.

The lumber is fed to the plant via a system of lateral lumber collection chain conveyors and a lateral lumber separator. The insertion, setting, cutting and removal of the plastered boards is automatic, the operator supervises the operation, performs the quality grading and unloading. The whole plant is mounted on a supporting steel structure, conveyors are installed in the space below the plant for waste collection and removal.

The main operations carried out by the automatic plastering system include:


Sorting of lumber before plastering (elimination of defective pieces).

Orientation of the lumber with its face upwards

Cutting off any defects at the far end of the lumber

Dripping the lumber - cutting off the defect (tongue) at the nearer end

Measuring the width of the sawn timber, processing the measured data - optimisation

Control signals for the centering conveyor, including control of the positioning (rotation) of the piece before plastering (optional)

Control of the plastering saw - optimisation of the produced widths with respect to the maximum yield

Actual plastering of the lumber

Separation of offcuts behind the plastering saw

Control signals for grading of the plastered lumber on the side lumber grader - optional, depending on the specific design of the grading conveyor


In the basic version, the actual plastering saw is equipped with a pair of movable saw sleeves (A, B) and a pair of separating wedges (C, D).

​AOP automatic edging system

Width of sawn timber

80 – 600 mm

​Conditions for entering lumber into the facility

the narrower end in front
with the curve upwards

Max. power

​20 beats/min

Length of lumber

1 500 – 6 000 mm

Measurement method

​in transverse movement, measuring members placed above the lumber on a separate frame

Thickness of sawn timber

18 – 50 mm

Number of measuring members

​13 pcs

​Edging saw OP  850/65

Passing width

850 mm

Cutting width range

​variably in the range of 50 – 450 mm

Spindle speed

4,400 rpm.

Feed drive

3,0 kW + frequency converter

Cutting height range

18 mm - 50 mm

The diameter of the saw blades

max. 300 mm


90 – 150 m/min.

Pressure roller height adjustment

hydraulic stepping cylinder

Cutting length range

1 500 – 6 000 mm

Saw shaft diameter

60 mm

Spindle drive

75 kW

​Saw cases

​Number of moving saw cases

2 pcs

Housing A(on the side of the door)

for 1 saw blade

Housing B (drive side)

multiple saw blades - usable width 128 mm

Separation wedges

Wedge C
(on the side of the door)

adjustable at the same time as housing A (wedge position fixed to the saw blade position)

Wedge D
(on the drive side)

adjustable independently of the movement of housing B (independently adjustable against the outer or inner saw blade in the saw assembly of housing B - depending on the cutting method)

frame - rigid welded steel profiles and plates

feed - four lower driven cylinders, two upper driven pressure cylinders, hydraulic cylinder height adjustment, feed speed controlled by frequency converter

spindle - housed in five (4+1) high load ball bearings, spindle drive by V-belts

repositioning of movable saw sleeves A, B + separating wedge D - via hydraulic servo cylinder + linear position sensor, position control via control software

Documents to download

Diagram of the AOP automatic plastering system

​PDF document

Schematic of cases

​PDF document

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