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​PA 300 and PA 400 Prism unit

​The PA 300 prism unit is a machine of modern, progressive design designed to process debarked and unbarked coniferous or leafy cutouts into prisms or prisms. By its concept, this machine is intended for integration into lines for the processing of weak matter. In connection with the milling unit and with the reduction and sweeping saw, the machine serves as the basic element of the aggregate line. The final product of this modern technology is not only high-quality central lumber, but also one or even two pairs of side planks.

The aggregate itself consists of two basic parts: the input centering conveyor and the prism mower itself.

The main part of the prism mower is two special knife heads mounted in a precise spindle on a pair of sliding plates. The surface of each head consists of a pair of spirals, each spiral contains ten frontal and one peripheral blade. The center of the head can be equipped with a cleaning saw blade. The heads are connected to the shaft through forged flanges. The entire spindle is housed in special heavy-duty bearings and is bolted to the supporting base plate. A drive electric motor is attached in a line above the spindle.

The precise adjustment of the distance between the knife heads is ensured by a movement screw with its own transmission electric motor. As a special accessory, this system can be equipped with digital adjustment of the width of the knife heads. The output removal cylinders are used for accurate axial centering of the processed prism or prism and for its quiet and safe extraction from the prism heads. The left and right halves of the take-up rolls are fixed on the left and right base plates, ensuring their synchronization with the knife heads. Fine regulation of the pressure force is carried out using rubber silent blocks. The rollers themselves are grooved longitudinally and transversely, thus ensuring a high quality of guiding the processed material. The roller drive is provided by a transmission electric motor via roller chains. The massive and robust base frame of the entire machine is welded from high-quality steel profiles and sheets. All moving and rotating parts are consistently covered by safety covers, while their opening blocks the start of the machine.

Among the recommended accessories of the machine are an input centering conveyor and an elevating or belt conveyor for chip removal.

The machine is approved by the State Testing Office and fully complies with valid EU regulations.


​Maximum cutout diameter (circumscribed circle including curvatures)

PA 300 300 mm

PA 400 400 mm

Minimum cutout length

PA 300 2 000 mm

PA 400 2 000 mm

Feed rate

PA 300 30 or 45 m/min.

PA 400 30 m/min.


PA 300 5 860 kg

PA 400 6 150 kg

Minimum cutout diameter

PA 300 80 mm

PA 400 80 mm

Minimum prism width

PA 300 60 mm

PA 400 60 mm

Power of the main engines

PA 300 2 x 30 kW

PA 400 2 x 40 kW

Maximum cutout length

PA 300 6 000 mm

PA 400 6 000 mm

Maximum opening of knife heads

PA 300 320 mm

PA 400 320 mm

Feed motor power

PA 300 2 x 1,5 kW

PA 400 2 x 2,2 kW

Documents for download

Scheme PA 300

PDF Document

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