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ORP 750/120 a 750/160 Edging and ripping saw

The machine is intended for lengthwise edging of sawn-timber in exact widths, for the production of rods, or for lengthwise cutting of prisms and balks - ripping. In the basic design, the machine is equipped with one fixed and one movable saw sleeve; when required by a customer, another movable sleeve can be added. One or two saw discs can be put in the fixed sleeve, from one to three saw discs can be put in the movable sleeve. When ripping is required as well, the machine should be equipped with a special ripping saw sleeve. The machine can also be delivered as only a ripping one.

The sturdy frame of the machine is welded from steel sheets and profiles. It is equipped with three lower and two upper feeding cylinders driven by means of a cylindrical chain which is propelled by a geared electric motor.

Regulation of the speed of movement in the scope of 5-90 metres per minute (depending on the type) is possible thanks to changes in the frequency of the feeding current.

Exact adjustment of the height of upper cylinders is carried out mechanically through a screw and a draw bar. The precise spindle of the machine is located in antifriction bearings which feature high load-bearing capacity, and is propelled by V-belts from the main motor. Chromium plated surface of the spindle lowers the wear. The performance of the main motor is determined according to the purpose of use of the machine (it depends on the height of the cut material, speed of movement, number of saw discs). Fast and reliable restructuring of the movable saw sleeve is provided by a hydraulic cylinder, the system is equipped with an electronic location scanning system. Adjustment of the cut width is easily controlled from the operator´s seat through the control board. The hydraulic set is incorporated directly in the machine.

The machine is equipped with two upper lines and one lower line of efficient retainers for backward projection of the sawn material. Movable parts of the machine are equipped with safety covers and if these covers are open, the machine cannot be turned on. The covers are equipped with anti-noise coating. Large holes in the lower part of the frame make removal of waste fairly easy.

The delivery includes a well-organised control board and an electric switch board. The machine has been certified by the governmental testing institute and fully complies with all relevant EU regulations.


Passing width

ORP 750/120 750mm

ORP 750/160 750 mm

Minimum plastering width

ORP 750/120 50mm

ORP 750/160 50 mm

Diameter of saw blades

ORP 750/120 250 – 380 mm

ORP 750/160 250 – 460 mm

Spindle speed

ORP 750/120 3000 ot/min

ORP 750/160 3000 ot/min

Power of the main engine

ORP 750/120 22 – 55 kW

ORP 750/160 55 – 132 kW

Maximum cutting height

ORP 750/120 120mm

ORP 750/160 160 mm

​Maximum plastering width
(according to the cases used)

ORP 750/120 450 – 530 mm

ORP 750/160 450 – 530 mm

The diameter of the hole of the saw blade

ORP 750/120 75 mm

ORP 750/160 75 mm

(depending on design)

ORP 750/120 5-90 m/min

ORP 750/160 5-90 m/min

Power input of the feed motor

ORP 750/120 2,2 kW

ORP 750/160 2,2 kW

Minimum cutting height

ORP 750/120 15mm

ORP 750/160 15 mm

Maximum sweep width

ORP 750/120 560 mm

ORP 750/160 560 mm

Diameter of intermediate inserts

ORP 750/120 120 mm

ORP 750/160 120 mm

​Weight without main engine

ORP 750/120 2 400 kg

ORP 750/160 2 450 kg

​Power output of the hydraulic unit

ORP 750/120 0,55 kW

ORP 750/160 0,55 kW

​Documents for download

ORP 750/120 scheme

PDF Document

ORP scheme 750/160

​PDF document

Execution scheme

​PDF document

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